The electric wire rope hoists “VF” series, for capacity from 1.000 to 50.000 kg are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge design techniques such as 3D CAD system integrated with finite element calculations.
The electric wire rope hoists “VF” series overcome rigorous life and reliability testing in our modern “Experience Department”, in order to assure compliance to the standard rules and project data, within the highest quality standards.


Cable electrical block and tackles VF series comes in 4 sizes: “VF1” – “VF2” – “VF3” – “VF4”

For ranges from 1.000 to 50.000 kg.
In service groups FEM 1am (ISO M4), FEM 2m (ISO M5) e FEM 3m (ISO M6).
With one lifting speed (from 2 up to 12 m/min).
With two lifting speed ( from 2/0.5 up to 12/4 m/min).
For trailer hitches up to 50 m.

Are generally used to hoist an unguided load by means of a hook or other handling accessories.

Suitable to run on a beam at high altitude, ensures the integrated handling of lifting and horizontal movements of the load when combined with a hoist.

Can be singularly positioned on monorails or can constitute the lifting unit of other machines in which they have been incorporated such as jib cranes, bridges crane, etc.


Modern and compact design ensuring maximum use of hook’s work.

High ratio between the drum diameter and the rope diameter, that is always more than 20, that is more than what is provided by the service group ISO M6 (FEM 3m).

Use of extra flexible ropes, characterized by high efforts resistance while increases therefore its life, implying an important reduction of maintenance costs and highest functional reliability.

Left hand-lay threading of the drum, suitable for right hand-lay ropes more easily available on the market.

Drive-tighten-rope Ring, in spheroidal cast iron, allowing to absorb without damage oblique pulls and ensuring the safe positioning of the rope within the drum’s grooves preventing the exit from the pulley.

Maximum safety for the operator as well as the maximum life of the rope

3 years warranty from the delivery date.