VHT ItalyOur Quality

VHT has as its primary objective the constant improvement of the quality of its products and services in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.

For this purpose it has defined a Quality policy which can be summarized as follows:

  • full customer satisfaction, with the constant improvement of company processes and
  • ¬†respect for the environment and the safety of products, people and means of production
  • ¬†profitability and success of the company and improved performance

The system is monitored and guaranteed according to UNI-EN-ISO 9001/2015.

The quality documentation is managed electronically, including the progress of the order declared by the operators through bar-code readers.

The company carries out three-dimensional checks on mathematical models both as
regards the blanks and the machined details.

The quality level of VHT suppliers is guaranteed both by acceptance checks and by audits.

Particular attention is paid to the environmental impact of all VHT products and for this, the system is managed and monitored according to UNI-EN-ISO 14000/2015.

Fundamental for VHT is the training of its staff and the continuous technological updating such as to guarantee ever greater safety in the workplace, in this regard VHT operates in compliance with the OHSAS 18001/07 regulation.

To harmonize all the certifications we have created an integrated management system whose quality policy is published below.

All quality documentation is archived electronically via OCR scans.