The jib cranes VHT “VB” series, manually rotated, available in “Column mounted” and “Wall mounted” execution, are designed to handle goods into a plant or in an outdoor square or to serve workstations.

The jib cranes are characterized by three functions:

Lift vertically a load by means of a unit that generally consists of a chain hoist and specific lifting accessories.

Move the load by means of a trolley, electric or manual, that runs on the arm of the jib crane.

Rotate the load around the rotating axe of the arm by means of the pushing force of the load itself, serving the underlying circular area, bounded by the rotating radius of the arm.


The jib cranes “VB” series, manuallt rotated, are designed and manufactured using modular components in order to create machines for capacity from 125 to 2.000 kg and with a reach from 2 to 8 m, using:

5 building sizes in column mounted jib cranes.
3 building sizes in wall mounted jib cranes.

Thanks to its innovative desing, which allows the mechanical arm to reach its maximum rotation (300° for a column mounted crane and 270° for a wall mounted one), our VB series jib cranes are leaders in innovation.

Protection system for the mechanical arm working area (VHT patent filed).

Reugulation system for the flatness of the arm with tie rod.

Decrease in the pulling forces and noiselessness of the translation movements.

Cost and time of translation carriages’ periodic controls are maximized.

Modular conception of interlocking elements.


The jib cranes “VB” series, for capacity from 125 to 2.000 kg, are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge design techniques, 3D CAD system integrated with finite element calculations. The electric jib cranes “VB” series overcome rigorous life and reliability testing based on a rigourous FMECA analysis (Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis), in order to assure compliance to the standard rules and project data, within the highest quality standards.

Our machine have a 3 years warranty from the delivery date.