The electric chain hoists, for capacity up to 2.000 kg, are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge design techniques such as 3D CAD system integrated with finite element calculation.
The electric chain hoists “VS” overcome rigorous life and reliability testing in our modern, in order to assure compliance to the standard rules and project data, within the highest quality standards.


For manual or electric translation and sliding, capacities up to 2,000 kg and with suspension center distance up to 10 m.

•     Capacity up to 2.000 kg.
•     Crane Span up to 10 m.
•     Suspension distance up to 10 m.
•     Trolleys and crane travelling hand pushed or electrical with a maximum speed of 16 m/min.
•     Single or Double travelling speed up to 16 m/min.

Modular lifting system highly flexible, smooth and noiselesswith profile VHT’s patented, with electric power system incorporated.

Characterized by a new patented concept and a modern design, they guarantee high safety and reliability over time, thanks to the evolutionary project conducted on the basis of a strict “FMECA ANALYSIS” (Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis) “.

The “VS” section beams of the bridge, of the monorail and of the runways, in order to avoid hyperstatic knots are suspended by means of spherical bulbs constituting oscillating hinges with a large degree of freedom, with the aid, moreover, of adjustable tie rods and crosspieces with terminals.


Designed to allow local handling of materials and goods within an establishment:

Lift vertically a load by means of a unit that generally consists of a chain hoist and specific lifting accessories.

Move the load by means of a trolley, electric or manual, that runs on the arm of the jib crane.

Rotate the load around the rotating axe of the arm by means of the pushing force of the load itself, serving the underlying circular area, bounded by the rotating radius of the arm.