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Press Pieces after Open Day

After the design phase and testing, VHT is ready to deliver the first orders

The Italian industrial excellence for restarting the economy

Huge crowds at the Open Factory VHT which celebrated its first year of life. Suppliers, customers and partners gathered in Bodio Lomnago to visit the industrial plant and attend the press conference and seminars.

Libero Donati strongly desired that the public could touch with hand the products and the reality VHT and says "I'm really pleased to see how much interest will inspire the birth of a new company. This is a sign that there is a strong will to overcome the crisis and try to revive the Italian industrial market"

The many journalists present at the press conference continued with a visit to the company.

Here are a few articles published on the web printing, for those of you italian speaking. We'll make subtitles of our videos and traductions of this articles soon...


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