Value of company and territory



VHT operates in the hoisitng industry and proposes an innovative enterprise, involving the area of Varese and Lombardia in order to achieve a shared target of excellence and competitiveness in the global market.


Following an ambitious project, a group of entrepreneurs with consolidated experience in this field proposed a solution to Italian crisis, decentralization and outsourcing, rediscovering our enterprise's culture and focusing upon values such as tradition and knowledge of modern technology.

What we do

VHT  designs, manufactures and distributes electromechanical serialized hoisting components (electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, jib cranes, sliding components for bridge cranes).


Through the proposal of its serialized components, VHT is able to synthesize perfectly the specialization acquired in years with a modern know-how: that's a special synergy we realized through the direct transfer of "experience & knowledge" between generations.


Thanks to this expertise , VHT proposes a development’s project about products and technologies that yearn for representing a flagship in the local and national economic system.

The commitment and ability of management and workforce involved in the project help to ensure:

• High-quality product
• High level of professionalism in the customer relationship
• Competitive pricing
• Fast and efficient customer service

Our Mission

"Give me a lever and I will move the world (Archimedes of Syracuse)"

VHT  is committed in the ambitious target of being"Excellence and Exception" in:


• Proposing innovative, reliable and affordable products and services for hoisting industry

• Preserving and developing our technology and product's know-how 

• Retaining and developing employment and satellite activities of Lombardia region

In order to establish a technological hoisting center in the province of Varese, VHT is oriented on the basis of a transparent ethical code, with a strong vocation for training and youth employment.

Beyond the production and economic value of the project, the aim is to stimulate positive actions for an Economic and Social virtuous motor.

Ethical code

1.The Code 

VHT Ethical Code describes a set of values and ethical principles characterizing the activity of all those working within VHT or linked to. Its constitution arises from personal contribution of each person who has created and invested in VHT.



The aim of the Ethical Code is to promote our values and principles and to create stable and lasting relations, both in terms of human relationships that professional.

VHT Ethical Code is addressed to all employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers, assigned to acknowledge and observe our principles and to cooperate in their daily implementation.


Founding principles:


a. Territory

VHT is setting a new national reference center for hoisting industry by establishing its headquarters in Varese area. This choice is inspired by the desire to keep this area's history and culture, which has always been connected to hoisting industry and that otherwise would have disappeared.


b. Product quality and customer proximity


Producing and manufacturing completely in our territory, means offering products of the highest quality in terms of security and performance, while maintaining competitive prices.

We preferred a production model which focuses on the short chain and which selects partner companies of our same area.: the purpose is to promote and to revitalize the area in which we operate, establishing business relationships with other local partners.

Thanks to this policy, we have cut costs of transportation and supply of raw materials, and we are able to invest in a close circuit of professionalism, in order to fulfill customers' requests quickly and better.


c. Selling a result- Young people's contribution

Our desire to select local partners and suppliers fits into a logic of industrial franchise where we sell not just a simple product, but rather a result of an added value of study, engineering, research and intangible knowledge, that make that product a unique.

In this perspective, we favor new talents through a network of contacts, developed around universities and higher education institutions, in order to integrate young people in the company with the possibility to train and grow, following the whole process of production.


d. Horizontal organizational

VHT completely turned the business structure and pursues its objectives by choosing a flat organization.

The result is a group of individuality divided between employees in strict sense, suppliers, distributors, sellers, where each one has the opportunity to buy shares (even small) and contribute to social capital.

Among VHT partners and shareholders, there are persons and companies related directly to hoisting sector but also public and private companies believing in the extended project of VHT, and choosing to invest equity capital and to contribute to growth and expansion of this new reality.


e. Valorization of local human resources


Economic recovery of a specific manufacturing sector such as hoisting one, marks the rebirth of the area where VHT has decided to operate and to establish its headquarters.

In this context, a specific weight is given to the human resources working and collaborating within the company and to company’s ability to create new jobs.


f. Staff Behavior


All those who become part of VHT as company staff, and regardless of their roles, are called to accept the values and objectives that the company sets.

In the name of horizontal organization, VHT is committed to create the conditions necessary to ensure a full realization in the work for any member of the staff, each one in his own tasks.
Equally VHT expects from all staff collaboration, maximum support and capacity for teamwork. The target is to achieve and maintain the creation of a positive climate in the company and the distribution of responsibilities among all employees as they are considered “sitting on the same side of the desk”.

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